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Rally Support Box

Postautor: Husaria Rally D.T.N. » 01 lut 2017, 0:32

Rally Support Box

The Rally Support Box (RSB) is a device built from the ground up for the needs of our rally. It comes with a GSM communication module, GPS module, internal memory and an LCD display to communicate with the crew.

Why was it made?

Rallies such as Hussars Rally do not follow a fixed route. Between the stages or crossing checkpoints everyone can go the road sections of their choice. Consequently, the group is pretty much scattered, stretched in time and space. Since our cars are not the youngest, and despite the best efforts to ensure their adequate technical condition, things can still happen on the road and we may need help. Of course, knock on wood, but we want to give you a kind of "insurance".

You may ask how it works. RSB has a multi-knob/button so that we can select from the menu e.g. an SOS function, and then, from the short list, a cause that compels us to call for help (technical failure, trouble/robbery, health issue etc.). After approval, the message will be automatically supplemented with a number of the crew, contact details of its captain, vehicle brand and, importantly, the current GPS position will be distributed to all participants of the rally. The RSB will display the calling for help in all crews, along with the number the crew in need, the distance and the direction. After reviewing the details, the crew who wants to, or can, help will be able to send a return message with their contact details.

Another functionality of the RSB is directing the participants of the rally to the next waypoints in line with the Road Book. It constitutes a sort of compass leading us toward the next stages of the rally in the event of failure of other equipment or lack of maps.

Apart from that, the RSB will periodically send current GPS position of each crew to the Hussaria Rally server so that not only the organizers will know where to look for someone, but also your friends will be able to track the progress of your journey on the map on the Hussaria Rally website.

After the end of the race, each participant will receive a snapshot of the entire route to be able to trace where he or she was, see how slow / fast they were driving and or show their friends interesting route points on the map and revive memories.

Needless to say, each of you will also be provided a manual for the device, even though its operation is simpler than that of a radio car.

What will we need from you? A piece of space on the dashboard where you will can fix the device with a double-sided Velcro tape or a hose clamp, preferably so that the driver and the pilot next to them have a good view of the display. At the same time, it is important that the device does not obstruct the road view - it isn’t huge so it shouldn’t be particularly problematic. For this, we will ask you to route two wires +12V and ground in the vicinity of the planned installation (preferably with a separate security). The 12V should be battery-fixed, bypassing the ignition. The battery is nothing to worry about. When in standby, the device charges less than 100mA, so even the Fiat 126 will manage to sustain it for about half a year.

Therefore, when preparing your cars for the rally, include the space and the power required for the RSB. The wires need not be thick, and you should obviously opt for a line rather than a metallic strand, preferably in two colors so as to avoid mistakes when connecting. For the duration of the rally, they should be secured with a piece of duct tape against a possible short circuit.
The devices are owned by the organizer of the rally and must be returned afterwards. The device will subject to a refundable deposit of 100 PLN to be paid in advance of the rally. You will be able to return home with the device so that the "insurance" could be valid also on the way back.

At the same time ,we would like to assure you that you will not incur any costs arising from use of the device / data transmission, etc.
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